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Business Coaching
Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, NZ

Do you want more sales, more customers, repeat business, more revenue, and more profit? You may want to attract the right staff, streamline your business processes and get your time back, take your business to the next level, or even prepare your business for sale.

When you implement the key Business Growth Strategies every business needs to be a successful, sustainable business you will increase your sales (and provide an amazing customer experience that keeps your customers coming back), employ the best people, increase your revenue and profit, and get more free time.

As proven Business Sucess Strategists, we assist you to identify the steps you need to take to realise the full potential in your business, so you achieve the business sucess you have always dreamed of  - take action now

Business Strategies that work! 

"...building pipelines like this are fantastic, the sales just keep coming in" Phil

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Executive Coaching

Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, NZ

As a Senior Executive, the diverse challenges and pressures you manage on a daily basis can be immense.

However, to be effective in your role, you need to 'step back' from the daily challenges to keep your focus on the big picture, and on your strategy, as well as the expectations of your stakeholders. How well you acheive stakeholder expectations is a key measure of your personal success and the success of your organisation.

Having the right Executive Coach working with you has a direct measurable impact on your performance.

Quote from Eric Schmid, former CEO of Google "the best advise I ever got was to hire a Coach".


Leadership Development

"...developing leadership skills, with a focus on personal goals, business performance and maximising synergy in the business"  Lucy

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Personality Profiles

DISC, Leadership, Sales, Customer Service, HR 
The more you understand about the strengths of the people that you are considering employing into your business (or when you are wanting to build effective teams), the more certain you will be that you have the right people in the right roles. When people are in the right roles for their Profile they are happier, more productive and work more effectively as part of the team.
Understanding your own Personal Profile increases self-awareness and confidence.
The DISC Profile is a world-renowned Jungian-based Phychometric Test. You can choose from individual Personal Profiles through to specialised Skill Profiles, such as Leadership or Sales, or from the extensive range of Effectiveness Profiles, such as Emotional Intellegence and Time Management.