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What our Clients say:


Clients speak in their own words about their experiences, the benefits they gained, both for their business and personally, and also their substantial returns on investment.


While most Clients are wanting to build their businesses, Kevin has unique skills to assist businesses in difficulties - see the "Business Turnaround" video below

Kevin's skills have been developed and honed from hand-on experience running multiple businesses, rebuilding businesses during the 2008-2010 Global Financial Crisis, rebuilding businesses following the Christchurch earthquakes and he is the guy you want to assist you to recover from the CoVID-19 ecconomic setback. 


 Business Owners:


1) Business Turnaround - when your business is struggling, debt is increasing and your future looks very uncertain


2) Taking a business to the next level / Couples in business together


3) Building an amazing Customer Experience to create a sustainable, profitable business.


4) Business Growth, more Clients, more Time, more Profit


Executive Coaching  

1) Public Sector


2) Private sector