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Wealth Profile, the Entrepreneur's Profile created by Roger James Hamilton

Wealth Profile, the Entrepreneur's Profile created by Roger James Hamilton

Wealth Dynamics Profile

the Profile for Entrepreneurs, created by Roger James Hamilton

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Now you can discover your natural path to wealth! It only takes 10 minutes... and you can do this in the comfort of your own home or workplace. It's QUICK and SIMPLE to discover your personal Wealth Profile... as well as the six steps you need to follow to build your wealth...

You will discover:
1. Your unique Wealth Profile
2. Role models who share the same Profile as you
3. Your strengths and weaknesses as a Wealth Creator
4. How to build your wealth foundation
5. Your 'moment of wealth creation'
6. How to create value using your Profile
7. Owning your own value
8. How you need to leverage
9. How you secure your cashflow

The Wealth Profile has been created by Roger James Hamilton

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Once you have explored your Wealth Profile, you will understand YOUR personal wealth frequency, and what you need to do to create maximum attraction, so that opportunities to create your wealth flow to you.

You will also understand why people like Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet become very wealthy...while others lose their wealth... even though they are doing exactly the same things.


Additional Special Offer:  1 hour Consultation on YOUR personal Wealth Profile - only $NZ350.00  


Complete your Wealth Profile on-line then e-mail info@ascendency.co.nz to arrange your personal 1 hour Wealth Profile Consultation. This consultation will assist you to really understand your personal Wealth Profile at a much deeper level and will give you skills on how to use this new-found knowledge to assist you to get into your own flow.

This Consultation is with a trained Wealth Coach, with many year's experience interpreting Wealth Profiles. Consultations are by phone anywhere in NZ and internationally on Skype. Your Consultation will be scheduled with you after you have completed your Wealth Profile.

Simply e-mail info@ascendency.co.nz to book your personal Wealth Profile Consultation.




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