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AskYourTeam.com - Business Performance and Business Improvement Survey System


AskYourTeam.com is a cloud-based insightful survey system that measures business performance and drives business improvement.


AskYourTeam.com is designed for CEOs, Boards, Master Franchisors and Business Owners who are serious about driving business performance and empowering their team.


By asking the right questions of your staff (team) you will discover exactly how effectively your business/organisation is performing. You will identify where your business/organisation is doing well and what to focus on to make improvements. In addition you will get a snapshot of your team's current engagement and insights to create strategies to increase engagement.


With 13 key Organisational Success Factors and 65 Assertions, AskYourTeam.com provides a very reliable insight into the state of your business. The report also measures the gap between how you (as Owners or Executives) may think the business is performing and how it is really performing. You can then drill down into key demographics and assertions, so core issues are quickly identified and can then be focused on.


With AskYourTeam.com, you control the process.  The initial report creates a benchmark for your business/organisation and by focusing on the issues identified, you can implement strategies then re-survey to measure the success of your strategy and business improvement. 


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