Every journey starts with a single step

Finding new employment - Job Seekers


Do you need help looking for a new job?


You may have been out of work for a while, or, you may have recently lost your job or been made redundant diue to the pandemic.

Or, you may be returning to the workforce, just wanting a change, or want to take the next step in your career.


Whatever your reason, with more people now looking for jobs, it is very important that you present yourself well to potential employers, so you are the one who gets invited to an interview and then is offered the job.


Understanding the Recruitment Process can be very daunting, yet there are simple steps you can learn that make the process easier.


Also, with the right support, applying for a new job can be a very empowering period for you, and one that ensures your success in finding your ideal job.


As we develop in our careers, we each build unique "transferable skills, which may not seem obvious to us, yet these skills are very valuable to potential employers.

Understanding your transferable skills and also identifying the multiple positions that match your skills is the first step. The next step is understanding how to present these transferable skills in your CV in a way that makes your CV stand out, so you get invited to an interview.


"When between jobs, Kevin provided effective strategies for me to follow and a documented path that led to my present employment "  Peter Gapes. 

"Working with Kevin has been an uplifting and broadening experience. His way of helping me to uncover myself to see my value – and to see myself the way that others do - was enlightening"  John Su'a


I will assist you to cope with change, to identify your transferable skills, to write and effective CV and Cover Letters that get noticed, how to understand and work with on-line self-promotion (eg; Linked-In and Personal Branding), how to work effectively with Recruiters, how to develop your networking skills and, how to improve your interview skills, so you can secure your ideal job.


Job Seeker Career Coaching Programmes are tailored to meet your specific needs.


Call today on Wellington 9393181 for a complimentary chat, or click here and I will respond promptly. I am here to assist you to find new employment.

If you want more information, see Career Coaching Testimonials and Recomendations on Linked-In

I look forward to hearing from you,


Kevin Heppleston

 Ascendency - Business and Personal Mastery