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Personality Profiles, Psychometric Profiles, DISC

 Personality Profiles, Psychometric Profiles, DISC, Emotional Intelligence, Sales Profile, Leadership Profile, Customer Service Profile, Wealth Profile.

Personality Profiling is very effective in three key areas for all businesses and organisations.


1. Recruitment - the interview process is very 'subjective' and profiling short-listed Applicants gives you a more objective perspective of the Applicants you are considering bring into your business or organisation, The Profiles include: the Applicant's natural and adapted work styles, their strengths and weaknesses, their motivators, their behavour under stress, their communication style, plus opportunities for development.

2. Building effective teams - individual profiling gives insights into how each team member works best and also how each team member communicates. When the team leader and each team member understands their own Profile and the Profile of their colleagues, team communication and team effectivenes dramatically inproves.

3. Self Awareness / Personal Development - Personality Profiling and Effectiveness profiling are an essentiall part of any personal development plan. The more self-aware we are the better equiped we are to know how to play to our strengths, and also the areas where we need to develop to be more effective.

Effectiveness Profiling focusses on specific key skills such as Leadership, Sales, Customer Service and Negotiating

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