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Career Coaching

CV wrtiing, Cover Letters, Personal Branding (Linked-In), Interview skills, coping with change. 

 When Companies are restructuring, for the staff facing redundancy, the process of finding and applying for new jobs, plus preparing for interviews, can be very daunting. 


With our support, we make any career transition less challenging and more successful.



When your organsation is restructuring, the future can seem very uncertain for the people facing redundancy.


Company's who offer Career Coaching to affected personnel send two very important messages: you show you are interested in the well-being of your personnel and, that you want to support affected personnel through their transition.


You can support your people to cope with the changes, minimise the trauma of the restructuring and also give them the skills they need to find new employment. Your Outplacement support is noticed by the people you are retaining and this gives them more confidence and trust, leading to a greater commitment to adjust to the new structure.


We are Wellington based and our services include one-on-one Career Coaching (also available via Skype) in: coping with change, identifying transferable skills, CV writing, writing effective Cover Letters, personal branding (including Linked-In Profiles), developing networking skills, identifying and approaching potential employers, plus presentation and interview skills.


We also offer workshops on specific career transition topics.



When faced with redundancy or restructuring, you need to develop new skills to prepare yourself for your transition to a new position and to a new employer.


Maybe now may be the time to look at a completely new career altogether, or to realise your dream of going into business? 

Coping with change, understanding your transferable skills and also identifying the possible positions that match your skills, can be daunting for people at all levels, however with the right support, this can be a very empowering period for you

"when between jobs, Kevin provided effective strategies for me to follow and a documented path that led to my present employment "  Peter Gapes. 

We have extensive experience in how to write effective CVs and Cover Letters that get noticed, we assist you to understand the world of on-line self-promotion (eg; Linked-In) and personal branding, plus how to work effectively with Recruiters, how to develop your networking skills and how to improve your interview skills, so you can secure your ideal job.



When your contract is about to end, positioning yourself for a new contract, or employment, can be challenging, especially if your current or previous contract was a lenghty one. Identifying company's that you can add value to, understanding how to leverage your personal brand and (very importantly) your networks, plus how to promote your key transferable skills will dramatically increase your ability to secure your new contract, or employment, in the shortest time possible.


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