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Internet Marketing Survey

There is a lot of information banded around about what companies are doing to market themselves via the internet, but not a lot of direct research has gone into finding out what you, as a business owner or manager, are really doing, and what your experiences are.

To get a better understanding of the effectiveness of internet marketing for New Zealand businesses, my colleague Anton Nadilo has prepared an anonymous 2 minute survey. There still may be time for you to contribute to this.

 complete this quick survey now

To reward you for your time and contribution, you will receive a Complimentary Report of the findings from NZ business owners and managers just like you. This Report will assist you to better understand internet marketing and how to use this medium more effectively -  please allow 3 weeks from 1 November for collating the results and compiling the Complimentary Report.

The more responsive we get the more representative this Report will be (and the more valuable to you) so please forward this survey to other business owners. As this survey is anonymous, can you, and also the people you forward to, click here  to request your copy of the Complimentary Report.

Thank you for your support in collating information about New Zealand business owner's experiences with internet marketing. Remember to request the Complimentary Report.