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Wink AND Your Life Your Legacy

Wink AND Your Life Your Legacy

'Wink'and 'Your Life Your legacy' by Roger James Hamilton

- the perfect match

Two very different books, by Roger James Hamilton:

'Wink' is a modern day parable of a nine year old boy on a journey to the "Well of Wealth", with a crumpled one dollar note, an inquisitive mind, and a host of intriguing and mysterious characters as his allies. Each of the characters he meets on his journey have built their wealth in very different ways, and yet, there is something about them that is common to them all.

The keys to wealth are in a story behind the story... can you discover what they are?

This fictional tale makes you think deeper as to the dynamics of wealth creation. The keys to wealth are in a story behind a story. To find the keys, you need to become better at seeing as "What you see is always what you get." Each reading will help you to discover more keys, until one by one, they will unlock the doors to your wealth.

'Your Life Your Legacy' is a impressive reference book on Wealth Profiles, Wealth Dynamics and Entrepreneural Flow

Discover how to find your entrepreneurial FLOW in this mind-blowing and insightful manuscript which conveys the wisdom of 5000 years, and the experience of the greatest entrepreneurs of our times.

You will learn that there are ONLY eight ways to build wealth and that each is a game of wealth with its own rules, and frequency. When you choose to play the game of wealth which best suits your own frequency, personality, and cause, you will attract everything you need to live the life you are meant to live.
Learn from the true stories of 38 entrepreneurial masters organised according to their Wealth Profiles, including Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Thomas Edison, Donald Trump, and Sam Walton.